Gallery 4 Skellig Gallery 4 Skellig Skellig ill. Skellig when Michael first finds him in the shed. 37596975 Skellig early sketch. Early sketch of Skellig in the shed and what he might be wearing. 37596971 Skellig early faces. A couple of early sketches of what Skellig might look like before and after he starts to recover. 37596972 Skellig wings. Early idea's for Skelligs wings 37596973 Skellig's hand. Skellig suffers from arthritis, these are a conteptual look at his arthritic hands. 37596970 Early Skellig sketch. Pastel on paper sketch of Skellig 37596977 Skellig's eye A look at Skelligs eye and how that might work similiar to a birds double lidded eye. 37596976 Skellig decrepit Skellig in earlier scenes concept. 37596974 Skellig recovering How Skellig might have looked as he started to recover. 37596980 Skellig recovered Skellig restored to health by Michaels kindnes. 37596979 Skellig early wing illustration An early illustration before concepts of how Skelligs wings might operate 37596978 Skellig healthy early sketch An early idea of how Skellig might look restored to health. 37596981 Skellig wing decrepit Early ideas varied on how Skelligs wings would look in their decrepit form. This is an early bat like, featherless concept. 37596982 Skellig's wing restored Skelligs wings are restored as his health is brought back by the kindness of Michael and Mina. 37596983 Skellig early illustration Early illustration of Skellig looking crabid. 37596984 Skellig early illustration Early illustration of skellig as he improves in health but not yet in mood. 37596985 Skellig spread wings Coming to the end of my work on Skellig I did'nt realy get the time to finnish Skelligs wings and those shown here represent only a very short period of work. Skelligs wings were later beutifully visualised by artist Howard Swindle. 37596986 Skellig lifts Michael Very last sketch done for Skellig, again in the last hours of my work on the project I very quickly sketched the scene were micheal is lifted in to the air by Skellig after jumping from the tower. 37596969