Gallery 1 Illustration and concepts Gallery 1 Illustration and concepts Formorian against human battle Illustration 203096744 Berserker 203096745 Knights v demons illustration 203096743 Chem suit, alt ww2 full fig w mask 196564835 Chem suit, alt ww2 full fig 196564936 Chem suit, alt ww2 dtl 184894103 Saxon 203096759 Lord of the flies 184894107 Alien concept sketch 184894104 Screamer 184894106 Screamer version with legs 203096785 Martian contact Concept illustration 137802504 Demon doctor Concept illustration 140725386 Giant 203096758 Gun servitor 203096784 Annunaki Concept illustration 140725384 Annunaki 2 Concept illustration 140725385 Artifact explored Concept illustration 180292743 Son of cuthulu Concept illustration 140725387 Alien contact Concept illustration 137802501 Nazi zombie Concept illustration 201087528 Psycho sisters Illustration 126307055 Ufo cockpit and alien pilot Concept illustration 137802505 Servitor artillery Concept illustration 137806978 Mothman fighter Alien fighter for the game. Shape changing machines that can be involved in ground as well as air attack. 201087534 Mothman fighter unlocking weapons Fighter is unlocking it's ground attack weaponry. 201087532 Mothman fighter weapons unlocked Fighter is now prepared fro ground combat, it's spider like weapons arms have both firing and cutting weapons. 201087533 Cybernetic bat Concept illustration 201087527 United space marine Concept illustration 125581362 United space marine back Concept illustration 125581363 Alien body armour Concept illustration 201087531 Cadian traiters in fire fight Illustration 140725388 Mordant guardsmen Illustration 201087530 Ka-pow Ka-pow Ka-pow Illustration 140725744 Horned god 184894645 Horned god head detail 184894646 Ephreal Stern Illustration 118449892 Wardancers wood elves Concept illustration 138768491 White wolves Ulric priest Concept illustration 140725389 Tree spirits Concept illustration 138773461 Sword concepts Concept illustration 201087529