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My work on 'Fury Road' has now been part of winning both an Oscar and a Bafta for the costume design and my recent award for costume illustration from the costume designers guild. My work on the movie 'Fury Road' started in late 2011 and finished in late 2012. Work consisted of character and costume designs for the starring heroes and villain's and supporting cast of the film. Designs were approached in both digital drawings and paintings but also backed up with actual concept sculptures and props, some of these originals actually going on to appear in the movie. Work later progressed into sculpting some stand out costume props to be worn in the movie by the starring villains.

As a fan of the early 'Mad Max' films it was a thrill and an honour to travel to Sydney to meet and work closely with director George Miller and costume designer Jenny Beavan.  The amazing movie 'Fury Road' stands testament to an amazing team of creatives in all of their fields which I believe the movie 'Fury Road' is a lasting credit to. The costume concepts, sculptures and props plus game character concepts can be viewed in the gallery section.


On finishing work on 'Fury Road' I completed concept design work on several main characters for the 'Mad Max' game, Work consisting of digital drawings and paintings, directed by George Miller and Avalanche studio's.


                                           List of previous work below   

 A concept artist and illustrator of many years experience working in the film, TV, games and publishing industries, these companies include, Warner Brothers, Jim Henson's creature shop London, Avalanche studio's, Feel film, Noissete productions, Games workshop, 2000AD, Black Library and many more

 This work includes, concepts for films, Children of Dune, Hithickers guide to the galaxy, 'Skellig', 'Nutcracker' and 'Ultramarines' the movie and many movie pitch projects plus TV commercials.

 Games work includes, lead artist and concept artist on games workshops best selling and critically acclaimed, Ogre kingdoms, Wood elves, 'Mad Max' the game and many more.

My illustration work has spanned many years and included long running comic strip work for 2000ad on strips Finn, slaine, Nemesis, with writer Pat Mills. Black libraries comic, warhammer, on strips Ulli and Marquand in city of the damned and Def squadren, written by Gordon Renie, plus many shorter running strips. The stories Slaine, Ulli and Marquand, and deff squadron were brought out in graphic novel editions, some of which are still in print. Other illustration work includes, book and graphic novel covers, inner book illustrations, trading cards, and album covers.

I hope you enjoy my site, and if you are in search of an artist to assist you in your project, please use my contact details to get in touch with any queries that you might have. CV can be mailed on request.

Paul Jeacock

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